FAQ - Writers

My book is copyrighted. Why do I need this?

It's true that copyright protects your work, but copyright doesn't stop others from copying it. Think of it like this: you own your car, but if you don't lock the door you are just asking for trouble.

I've seen websites that let you copy and paste your work to see if someone has stolen it, and many are free. Why should I pay?

Several reasons. First, let's start with the free sites. They are good for short articles, but if you have a novel-length book or even a long story, then you will have to break it up into sections because most of these "free" websites have limited word restraints and don't let you copy longer works. These sites also only check your work once. Do you really want to check your work on a regular basis? Our service is automated so you don't have to. But if you still aren't sure, then try our no risk free trial--we won't even ask for your credit card.

Automated? What is that?

Automated means once you upload your work, it will be on a schedule. Once or twice a month your work will automatically be entered in our scanner and you will be notified by email if it has been copied. It's so easy your mother could do it, and we know this because our mother has tested and approved it!

What if my work was copied?

It's usually best to simply ask for it to be removed. If you require assistants, we have plenty of experience and can help you.

I am currently selling my work on Amazon, so isn't it hard to copy?

Not anymore. It doesn't take long at all to steal content from any of these formats

Why would someone want to copy my work? It's not like I'm J.K. Rowling.

The Internet has changed the way a lot of people think. Some people have no idea it's wrong--they bought it, so why not? There is also a growing number of spam sites that steal lesser known works because they figure no one will notice.

How safe is my content after I upload it? How do I know someone won't steal it from here?

When you sign up for a paid or trial account, you are given a secure login with a password that only you know. We use encryption to prevent any kind of online theft and your work is never hosted on a public server. The only person who sees it is you.

If I decide to cancel or not renew my account, what happens to my work?

It's deleted from our system. If you decide to come back, you will have to upload your books again.

Do you have any kind of support if I'm having trouble?

Absolutely! We offer two kinds of support. First, we offer a free email support, which has a 24 hour turn around on weekdays. Second, we offer a valet service where we upload everything for you; this is offered on a case by case basis for a small fee, and we only recommend it for people with several dozen books. We promise our service is quick and completely painless! Most people are finished in less than five minutes!

How do I know my work has been scanned?

Simply log in, click on "View Report" and you will see a dated copy of the most recent report.