FAQ - Publishers

How many books can I upload?

There is no limit. We have subscription models to fit large and small publishers alike.

Do you offer a full service system so I don't have to train staff?

Our system is easy enough to use that no training is required, but we do offer a full service model upon request. Contact us for more information.

We would prefer to use your scanner in house; do you have an API so we can integrate this service into our system?

We can certainly work with your technical support team to implement our scanner into your system on a contract basis, however, our subscription model is the most economical.

Can I change the sensitivity and frequency of the alerts?

Yes. These settings can be managed when you log into your account.

Can multiple people log into one account?

At this time each account may only be associated with one user.

Do you offer phone support?

Most questions can be answered more quickly by email. If you require phone support, please email us your number and we will have a representative call you within 48 to 72 hours.

Do you send DMCA notices?

We can advise and compile a list of where to send notices, if requested; the letter, however, must be sent by the legal representative of the infringed content.

My company is interested in using your service, but they need to see it in action. Do you offer any trials?

Of course. We also have a PowerPoint demonstration that shows how easy it is to use. Visit our press page for details.