Protect Your Work

PiracyTrace is an automated platform that searches the entire web looking for copies of your work. With an always-on scanning approach, you can rest assured if it’s been copied we’ll find it.

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Fast Results

Because PiracyTrace is always on and always working, you can rest assured that your work is safe.

Smart Filtering

Sometimes your work appears online with your consent. With PiracyTrace you can filter your results so the only results you get are the ones that are really copied.

Quick Alerts

There’s no need to keep checking to see if your work has been copied. With PiracyTrace, we alert you.

Powerful features

Powerful Features

PiracyTrace scans the Internet to find if your book has been plagiarized. The results page gives sample sentences and links to where your work has been copied, and gives the examples in context so that you know where on a website it is being used. Unlike other plagiarism scanners, PiracyTrace can handle large, book length works.

How PiracyTrace Works


Getting started is as easy as naming and uploading your work.


Once your work is uploaded, our system takes over, immediately preparing your work to be scanned.


Within minutes, your work is scanned across blogs, websites, and databases.


When copying is found, you will be alerted by email. A full report can be accessed online so you can investigate further.

Last year, one of our books was copied on a respected tech blog by one of the website's featured writers. If it’s happened once, I know it will happen again, and I’m glad there’s finally a website to protect us.


There are a lot of SEO websites out there hungry for any content that brings them traffic. More and more are taking their content from eBooks because it’s original, it’s high quality, and who's going to catch them?